We believe that innovative tools and methods should be applied to create real business value. Incredible possibilities are awaiting the innovator and we can leverage them together.


A great solution creates benefit quickly and at the highest quality. It integrates in your workflow perfectly. That is what we can do together with our customers and our experts.


We digitalize workflows, implement agile leadership and team cultures, build digital footprints, process industry data and automate their documentation and reporting. Each challenge receives its optimum solution.

Prof. Dr. Dietmar Treichel MAS MBA

Prof. Dr. Dietmar Treichel, MA, MBA, has an international track record as an entrepreneur, consultant and coach since 1990. He has proven his practical extertise in the development of strategies, culture and leadership. His current work concentrates on the effective use of agile methods for digital business leadership.

Yannick Treichel MAS MBA

I am an expert in plastics technology and engineering with years of experience in the automotive industry and a digital expert. I love to apply agile management and leadership and I am a proud SCRUM Master. I see myself as a professional geek interested in anything that is innovative and digital especially if it is related to practical industry work. I am a proven digital transformer with profound development skills. It gives me "the real kick" combining all my skills to develop strategies and bringing them to life.

Julian Treichel

I love to think out of the box and my heart beats for digital technologies. I always look at challenges from different perspectives to find exciting, innovative solutions. I believe that work and fun best go together to create truly awesome results.