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Success Update April 2018
Progress to the next step of the industrial evolution

We had a very successful first quarter of 2018 and we want you to become part of it. At the Industry 4.0 Summit in Manchester we proved that Ellie, our Industry 4.0 software for the producing industry of today and tomorrow, will show you how much potential...
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This Is Why Industry 4.0 Needs To Be Backwards Compatible
Industry 4.0 & Smart Factory

To make the Industry 4.0 a reality, we have to start where we're at. All things considered. Solutions for todays companies must also have the old machines, equipment and the different companies and people in mind. From there on think and build ahead to...
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Injection Moulding Digitalisation for the Industry 4.0
Ellie has you covered

See how Ellie brings digital Industry 4.0 solutions to injection moulding. Ellie creates real value for engineers, the production and managers.
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