Notes how they're supposed to be


The Notes Service that is lightning fast, lightweight and accessible from everywhere. Notes don't need to be sorted in Folders. Instead they are tagged with related words. That way it is easy and fast to find them later.


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Symfony 3, MongoDB, JS

Brainframe - Notes done right

Available notes services don't focus on the essential needs anymore. Our mission is to make them great again.

Lightning fast

Nobody likes to wait, or search a note in folders and subfolders. We tag instead.


Tagging notes makes them easy to find when you quickly need them.


Absolutely free. No pro-version. No restrictions. No ads.


There is nothing that is not really necessary. Just the things to happily taking and finding notes.


Take and find notes quickly. Access them from wherever you are.

Content & Attachments

Featuring a real text editor. Adding attachments to notes is easily possible.

Easy and efficient

Nothing useless. No fees. No ads.


Simply log in with your Google or Github account. No signing up required.

Create a Note

Give it a title and at least one tag. Everything else is optional. Tags should be words related to the note. Things that come to mind spontaneously are often the best ones.

Find Notes

Searching for notes is based on the tags and the title of the notes. No folders and subfolders.

Login with Google or Github

No signing up required.

Add Note

Quick and easy. With a full text editor.

Find Notes

Search notes by their tags and title.


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